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“To become the #1 Playlist Curator from the WestCoast”

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Westcoasts #1 Online Music Source

“Our Story”

DJ MTK & his team wanted to build an online music platform for artists based out of the Westcoast.  He had a passion for music his whole life and realized that the days of buying CDs were over.  He started doing research on music companies in California and couldn’t find any online music companies repping the Westcoast!  And…. Westcoast Radio was created. “Just press play & turn it up!” Quoted by DJ MTK

“SD Voyager Magazine”

Testimonial: Mad Decent

Meet the Team

Who are these crazy mofo’s running Westcoast Radio???


Founder & CEO

Ray G.

Vice President

DJ Legend

Resident DJ


Marketing Director


Westcoast Radio Co-Host

Westcoast Media & Entertainment, LLC.