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Westcoast Radio Madden 2023 League (X)

Who is going to claim the throne and be crowned the MADDEN KING!!!

PRIZE $250


1.) All Playoff games need to be streamed on Twitch

2.) Games must be scheduled w/ in 24-48hrs or its a FL/FS

3.) Disconnect in 4Q will go to player who has lead by +14Points or restart game if under 7 Points

4.) Players who don’t stream games in playoffs will forfeit $$$ at end of season

5.) All trades need to be approved & cannot switch player positions

6.) No Racist Comments will be tolerated and you will be BANNED from League

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Super Bowl Champion wins $250 Gift Card courtesy of Digital Records

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League Power Rankings ’22: Top (5) Players – Season 1

  1. Packers – SB Winner (14-2)
  2. Titans – Donwon3 (AFC Champion)
  3. Colts – Bount x Trauma (13-4)
  4. Falcons – I Cutt I (13-4)
  5. Panthers – MrCheesesticks (13-4)

League Champions 

Season 1: Buccs – Zaypn6 ($50)

Season 2: Texans –  Th3donwon21 ($50)

Season 3: Packers – Egeeeeze ($50)

Season 4: Blount x Trauma ($50)

Season 5: Big Vooch ($100) MADDEN23

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