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Who is going to claim the throne and be crowned the MADDEN KING!!


1.) Cannot run same play 4x times in a row (Switch it up)

2.) Playoff games need to be streamed on Twitch

3.) No Restarts against CPU

4.) Games must be scheduled w/ in 48hrs or FL

5.) Last 4 games of Season against CPU (No Restarts or counts as a Forfeit)

6.) Disconnect in 4Q will go to player who was in lead +14Points or restart game if under +7 Points

7.) Players who dont stream games in playoffs forfeit prize at end of season

8.) CPU is at 75% level

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Super Bowl Champion wins $50 Gift Card courtesy of Digital Records

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Leauge Players:

  • Philthy Mcnasty (Cowboys)
  • CaesarTheApe5 (Titans)
  • MrdjWestcoast (Cards)
  • Showgod (Bucs)
  • victorsaideh (Packers)
  • Xo904OD (Jags)
  • Aceovspadez103 (Seahawks)
  • Taqbeeer247 (Bills)
  • The Real Law (Eagles)
  • Big Fat JuicEE (Pats)
  • TraynoLimit12 (Browns)
  • GamerwithEG (Ravens)
  • MAD32169 (Colts)
  • WhatcnBrwndo4u (49ers)
  • Sir Saandh (Chiefs)
  • Johnnywheels10 (Raiders)
  • Egeeeeeze (Vikings)
  • ThisisWhatIDo60 (Panthers)
  • iTreJones (Chargers)
  • So T0ne (Falcons)


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Rankings: Top 10

  1.  Philthy McNasty – Cowboys (Super Bowl Winner)
  2. Sir Saandh – Chiefs (AFC Division Champion)
  3. CaesarTheApe5 -Titans (AFC South Champion)
  4. MrdjWestcoast – Cardinals (NFC East Champion)
  5. Big Fat JuicEE – Patriots (AFC East Champion)
  6. Aceovspadez103 -Seattle (NFC North Champion)
  7. Traynolimit12 – Browns (AFC North Champion)
  8. Egeeeeeze – Vikings
  9. victorsaideh – Packers
  10. MAD32169 – Colts

SEASON 2: Cowboys SB Champion

Season 1: SUPER BOWL WINNER *Ceasertheape5

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