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Westcoast Radio Madden 2023 League (X)

Who is going to claim the throne and be crowned the MADDEN KING!!!


1.) All Playoff games need to be streamed on Twitch

2.) Games must be scheduled w/ in 48-72hrs or its a FL/FS

3.) Disconnect in 4Q will go to player who was had lead by +14Points or restart game if under +7 Points

4.) Players who don’t stream games in playoffs will forfeit $ at end of season

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Super Bowl Champion wins $50 Gift Card courtesy of Digital Records

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League Power Rankings: Top (5) Players in Season (3)

  1. Packers – Egeeeeze (Super Bowl Champion)
  2. Ravens – Big Vooch (AFC Champion)
  3. WFT Commanders – Baseco21 (13-4)
  4. Texans- Th3donwon21 (16-1)
  5. 49ers – Deelb (15-2)

League Champions 2022

Season 1: Buccs – Zaypn6 ($50)

Season 2: Texans –  Th3donwon21 ($50)

Season 3: Packers – Egeeeeze ($50)


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