Podcast Expo

Biggest Podcast Network in California

Come experience the biggest Podcast Expo in California in 2020!  The biggest underground Hiphop & Media event for Online Radio Stations, Bloggers & Podcasters.  Rappers, Videographers & DJs gain more exposure by attending this unique Expo for Media Platforms & upcoming Artists.

*Expecting 300 people in attendance

General Questions people ask:

What will I gain at this Expo if I’m an Artist or Media Platform?

  • Artists gain mass exposure by attending this unique event by interviewing multiple media platforms in 1 day
  • Podcasters network w/ other media platforms while interviewing the hottest artists in Southern California Area

*If you are interested in reserving a media podcast booth apply today to register at [email protected]



Podcast Expo (2019)

WCMA – SD Chapter


DJ Inspire – Media Panel

Podcast Expo (2019)


Podcast Expo – Part 2

Runway Show by EA One Nive Five

Platt College SD

Podcast Booths

Lexi Cocaine Interview

Art Corner


 Johnny Chalkands

Ganja Sol Podcast

Podcast Network

Interview Row

Dinner Gang Podcast


50K Listeners

Daygo Hiphop Show

Str8 Laced – NO Chase


 MizFitz Radio

Po Politickin Podcast


G4M Show

NSR Podcast

The Ashley Ross Podcast