Press Kit


We strategically partner with Digital Records who is a Music Distribution Center.  Our promo campaigns offer playlist features on Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud and is curated by Westcoast Radio.


Press Release Kit: $99.00 (BRONZE)

Kit Includes:

  • IG Post
  • Playlist Feature
  • Website Feature


Playlist Feature: Best of L.A. Rap (2023)

Stats: 225k Views & Growing Daily

Price: $499

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Playlist Feature: Best of Bay Area Rap (2023)

Stats: 100K Views & Growing Daily

Price: $249

Playlist Feature: Best of San Diego Rap (2023)

Stats: 15k Views & Growing Daily

Price: $99

Spotify Feature: New Westcoast Rap (2023)

Stats: 1,300 Listeners & Growing Daily

Price: $99

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Soundcloud Feature: Top New Rap (2023)

Stats: 10K Listeners & Growing Daily

Price: $99


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