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San Diego 100 Artist – 2021 Challenge

Our goal this year is to help 100 unsigned artists in San Diego.  We’ve received a lot of messages in 2020 about how we don’t help underground indie artists in SD and we were listening!  Hopefully by starting this challenge other local media bloggers will use their platforms to help local artists too.  How to enter challenge….

*Submit 1 track & receive 500-1,000K FREE plays on Soundcloud courtesy of Digital Records (Read Rules)

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1.) Post Soundcloud Playlist on your Instagram and tag @sandiegorap. Use hashtag #sandiegochallenge21

2.) Follow & comment on Youtube channel, using hashtag #sandiegochallenge21- Click Here: YOUTUBE

3.) Follow Soundcloud page for repost – Click Here Soundcloud

4.) Submit by emailing our team at .  Email us 1 song from your Soundcloud Page.  After we receive your submission we will add your track to 1 of the biggest Soundcloud playlists to help you get more streams and grow you digital music profile.

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